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“I attended a Dance Sensation Family Concert and I was very impressed, entertained and inspired by the Adult ladies strutting their dance mojo on stage and the children’s dance performances. I joined Dance Sensation, as a mature adult of 38 years who hadn’t danced for years and through persistence and great teacher mentoring from Elizabeth, my love of dance and confidence grew. Each new dance year at Dance Sensation, is a like a wonderful journey of personal exploration and challenges, learning new routines, hearing the latest popular dance music and making new dance friends along the way. Not long after being part of the Dance Sensation community, you start to feel ageless, which is a wonderful feeling. I am very grateful for the opportunity that Dance Sensation has offered to me over the last 15 years and would highly recommend Dance Sensation for your consideration for a fun, creative and learning environment for all ages.” Jeanette Joyner.

Performance Crews

Dance Sensation has 4 Performance Crews at Lane Cove who compete throughout the year at eisteddfods, dance in the Willoughby Spring Fair parade and even surprise crowds with Flash-mobs! The students learn and rehearse a ‘competition dance’ at the beginning of the year, practice their Dance Achievement Day levels and learn a second dance for the end of year concert. Classes are between 90 and 120minutes depending on age. Our students are committed to being organised and prepared for all the amazing opportunities outside of their class time.